Become a Flame Lily Nurse

Agency Nurse

We are sure that even Florence Nightingale, never had it so tough, nor thought that nursing would become such a taxing profession.  Overcrowded hospital wards and a shortage of staff have led to nurses working excessive shifts with high stress and low pay.  Do you sometimes wonder if all this is worth it?  Does the difficult working environment; the constant stress; the need for regular development training and the lack of a social life due to working odd hours, make you question your choice of taking up this profession?  Do you find yourself wishing for a better paying and less taxing job?  Are you looking for a better opportunity to reduce the stress, earn more and find a better balance between your work and social hours, without changing your profession? If yes, then you are on the right page.

Established over 14 years ago, The Flame Lily is one of the leading Framework-approved nursing and healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK.  Along with offering staffing solutions for qualified and specialist nurses, we recruit nurses of all grades for both temporary and permanent positions. We understand the need for flexible working hours, better pay and greater opportunities for career development; which is the reason why we aim to deliver our service, synchronised with your individual needs.

Our services and professionalism have helped us retain clients from independent healthcare providers, leading hospitals, care homes and the NHS.  With a shortage of nursing staff, our clients constantly turn to us for their staffing requirements.  This allows us to offer you the potential to work full-time hours with better pay, along with the flexibility to work shifts that suit you.  Add to this the choice of working at a location that is convenient for you – this gives you a win-win situation.  Does this sound like the job you wished for?

As a professional nurse wishing to apply with us, you can go through our current vacancies or Register with us.  Rest assured that your application will receive our full attention, enabling us to understand your needs and find the perfect match for you.

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