Too little after too long? 1% Pay Hike for NHS Staff

Worried Healthcare Staff

Is this a case of too little after too long?  

Accepting recommendations from the NHS Pay Review Body, the government has announced a 1% pay raise for all NHS staff on the Agenda for Change pay bands.  Calling their recommendation ‘informed but not constrained’, the PRB seems to be following Chancellor George Osborne’s intention of restricting pay rises for all public sector workers in England to a maximum of 1% for the next four years.  The PRB accepts that all NHS providers are under financial pressure and that some form of pay restraints is thus inevitable.

The Unions, however, find the decision disappointing as do most of the health workers.  After years of pay cuts, this increment is just too little.  As it is, there has been growing concern among nurses about their future in this profession, and the current decision does not seem to bring any reason to think otherwise.  The NHS has seen an exodus of its staff, leaving for better opportunities in the private sector or abroad, and this pay raise is hardly going to change that scenario. Read more at Nursing Times

The way things are – it will be difficult to deliver quality healthcare 24×7 to the NHS patients.  Unless there is dedicated and loyal healthcare staff delivering healthcare, the NHS will fail in its endeavour to provide to quality care to patients in the country.  

Do you agree with the PRB recommendations or do you feel that the healthcare workers have been short changed – once again?.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

One thought on “Too little after too long? 1% Pay Hike for NHS Staff

  1. It’s degrading, demoralising and dies not match the traing, education and continuing development required to be a professional YES a professional saving lives! Preserving life and working above and beyond a nurse. We’re family support worker; patient advocate, educators, addiction support, nurses roles are never ending, pay us for our profession 1% for the past 5 years is enough now, were 12-14% down with inflation, increase in registration fees, decrease in pension benefits , working longer and increase in parking charges which are absurd!
    No other profession pay to park let alone pay to save human life’s. Give us the 14% increase we have lost, dtop nhs front line staff paying parking. Leave our pensions and enhancements alone. And give us the pay NUrses and doctors train for not just 6-12 weeks but the 3-4 years got nurses and 5- 10 years full time training for doctors, registrars, GPs, consultants train for. Then the nhs will see nurses and doctors return to the nhs, in return having to use agency staff.


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