Revalidation? The Flame Lily is a spot!

Worried nurse

Being a nurse is as important as being a surgeon for something mighty.

Nursing – It’s not about how they do it, it’s about how they make you feel about it.

It was smooth sailing until April 2016, when Nursing and midwife council gave a head up to the revalidation policy. A policy that wasn’t just an amendment to PREP– Post Registration Education and Practice, but something that was built on the requirements of it.

So, what exactly does revalidation mean?

It’s a process that has been introduced by NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council), wherein all the nurses and midwives will have to renew their registration every 3 years. It is a form which demonstrates that the nurse/midwife can continue working safely and effectively. For revalidation, the nurse/midwife must show that they are meeting the standards set by the NMC, receive a third-party confirmation for the same, and have evidence towards meeting the standards.

There have been many concerns and queries by the nurses and midwives on revalidation like,

  • What is the process for it?
  • What are the benefits of it?
  • What is the necessary information required for revalidation?
  • How does this help in improvement of patient care?
  • How to collect the feedback and evidence?
  • How to maintain the portfolio?
  • What is need of revalidation in the first place?
  • Why do in need to make a confirmation from the third party?
  • What should be in priority to meet the requirements?
  • How does the training session take place?

The Flame Lily came at a rescue during these concerns; at The Flame Lily, we are committed to impart all the necessary support to the nurses and midwives through,

  • Giving them proper guidance, support and raise awareness for the same.
  • Helping them understand how the revalidation works and how would it impact them and their practice.
  • Making them aware of the changes and requirements needed for the revalidation.
  • Giving them half yearly and annual appraisal to identify the training gaps, they also could have an access to our training centers and can have an access to all the equipment and resources needed for the training.
  • Helping them with their PIN number, its expiration and the requirements needed for the revalidation.
  • Keeping them updated with all the necessary information and changes from REC and NMC.

Thus, at The Flame Lily, you be sure that not just your present but we are getting your future as well quite secured.

Do you want to get all your questions answered?


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